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At Schneider, keeping customers satisfied with innovative, forward-thinking services has been our legacy for over 80 years. In an ever-changing economic climate, it is imperative to operate with precision and dexterity.

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Schneider Logistics 2019 Transportation Industry Review

At Schneider, keeping customers satisfied with innovative, forward-thinking services has been our legacy for over 80 years. In an ever-changing economic climate, it is imperative to operate with precision and dexterity.


Supply Chain Management

Put our experience to work for you.

Let Schneider Supply Chain Management® steer your company’s shipping function in the right direction, day after day and load after load. We start by quickly gaining a deep understanding of your business. Your Schneider team is comprised of Schneider associates averaging 15 years of supply chain experience who become an extension of your company. Each and every member of the team is dedicated to delivering one thing: results.

We customize our approach based on your business, harnessing proven processes and smart technology to yield operational efficiency. Although every business is different, our drive to create tremendous value remains constant. Recently, Schneider helped a manufacturer reduce costs by 35 percent. We’ve also helped one of the nation’s largest fuel-producing companies save in excess of $20 million.

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Sole Source and Promotions

Delivering the right type of capacity – right when and where you need it.

Not all freight needs fit in a neat and tidy package – or require just one mode to get the job done. When you face supply chain complexities, emergencies or conundrums, let Sole Source and Promotion from Schneider do the solving for you.

Sole Source and Promotion puts the broad Schneider portfolio – logistics, brokerage, truckload and intermodal – at your service through one point of contact. We offer both contract and tariff-structured (also called lane-based) pricing, which helps control costs.

Our unparalleled network of multimodal expertise and resources delivers flexibility, visibility and security like no other. Shippers of all sizes trust us to design smart freight solutions that move each and every load in the most efficient way possible – with a track record of 100 percent acceptance and 98 percent on time delivery.

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Supplier Management

Don't assume your freight arrived.  Be certain.

Schneider has an extensive network of preferred, trusted carriers ready to deliver unmatched service. You'll get peace of mind, knowing that our suppliers are held to the highest compliance standards in the industry, along with total visibility to all of your shipments - right down to individual parts or PO's.

Why should you choose Schneider to manage your supply chain? Not because we've been managing transportation systems for 80 years and our global reach serves international customers every day. Choose us because you need management services that put you in control without the stress of figuring out every last detail.

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Get the tools and experience you need to optimize your supply chain.

Schneider Logistics associates are experts in supply chain strategy, and will help you understand the key drivers that transform your supply chain from a list of uncertainties to a competitive advantage.

  • BidSmart®: Our BidSmart® methodology combines expertise in transportation procurement with world-class bid optimization and technology. 
  • Network Design & Optimization: We excel in tailoring optimization models to mirror customer specific constraints and business rules.
  • Supply Chain Diagnostic: We have experienced, cross-functional teams who will consult with you to identify and prioritize savings opportunities and maximize your bottom line.
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Transportation Procurement

Don’t just reduce costs. Add value.

If you're dealing with a large number of bids, a complicated transportation network or capacity constraints, it's easy to lose direction. Our dedicated bid team uses their expertise in transportation procurement to customize solutions that save you time and money, giving you more opportunities to focus on the things that really matter to your business. And our digital auction solution is perfect for customers who are sourcing spot transportation bids for distressed freight, enabling a fast assessment of all bids, based on multiple variables, yielding immediate savings because of the expanded choice set.

  • Over $158 million (12%) in customer savings last year
  • Over 1,300 contracted carriers
  • World-class bid technology and optimization solver
  • On-demand bid resources, with over 40 procurement specialists
  • Experts in Truckload, LTL, ocean freight forwarding, air freight forwarding, small pack, flatbed, refrigerated and bulk
  • Partner with Responsible Care® to maintain guiding principles and performance initiatives of the American Chemistry Council
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Network Design and Optimization

Supply chain design and optimization impact 80% of your total network spend.

Our cross-functional project teams are equipped with the leading analytic tools and mathematical methods, and are experienced in:

  • Supply Chain Engineering: DC/Branch location analysis, fleet design and right sizing, freight consolidation and mode selection, process analysis
  • Sector Expertise: automotive, retail/CPG, heavy manufacturing, service industry
  • Geography: North America, South America, Europe, Asia
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